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A journalistic account of Piers Partridge's "Strawdio"

Piers has done a great job with documenting this Straw Bale Build.

Living just outside Bristol, Piers took his limited DIY skills and experience after taking one of Barbara Jones Course and in Spring of 2004 started to Build a load bearing (Nebraska) Straw Bale Music Studio.

Piers starts his journal in June when he is working on the building's foundations. To date he has added 34 journal entries talking about each stage of the build which is nearing completion at the time of writing.

I asked Piers why he choose Straw Bale for his Music studio...does Straw Bale offer any sound qualities that make is particularly suitable for an acoustically intense environment? He answered:-

"My studio is designed specifically for the purpose in that there are no parallel lines inside the space. Parallel lines create parallel sound wave bounces known as "standing waves". If you get them in a particular frequency band it will amplify that frequency and distort your "mix". One end of the Strawdio is wider than the other and it has a mono pitch shed style roof.

I used Straw Bale mainly because it was a material I grew up with on the farm. it was cheap and it was self buildable. I hope that, once plastered it will give sufficient sound insulation for my needs. I'm not to worried about the extent of this since I live in a very quiet semi rural location."

The journal is packed with pictures, costings and plans.

Its quite a read but well worth it. For the whole shabang click here.

Thanks Piers for a great narrative of your project. We look forward to your final instalments.

If you would like to be a part of those instalments them drop Piers a line as he is "Liming" in may 2006 and is looking for volunteers looking for some experience.
 01275 810166